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Thursday, March 17, 2016
Alex: "We fought until the end"
by: FIBA
BAURU (Liga de las Americas) - Baurú could not capture the title of the Liga de las Americas again. The absences of important figures were difficult to overcome, even though the protagonists feel they retained the image of a powerful team.

As the 2016 edition of the Liga de las Americas passed, Bauru’s favoritism increased. However, several unforeseen injuries weakened the team for the Final4 in Barquisimeto.

After a victory over Flamengo in the first day of the Final4, then came the loss in the Final against Guaros of Lara.

Despite the complications, the Brazilian team competed at all times and was a very demanding rival for the Venezuelans, who finally kept the victory and the continental title.

Veteran Alex Garcia, principal figure of Baurú, summed up his team performance al their second Final4 of the Liga de las Americas: "We had the feeling that we could have won. It is true that with the situation we were in, the goal was more difficult. Ricardo's injury and the lack of rotation of our bench, complicated things. Because of that, I value what we did, but I think we could have won the final."

However, reaching the definition with a weakened team, in Baurú there is a general feeling of tranquility, because of what the team did in the Final4 of Barquisimeto.

"We are calm and even satisfied, because we fought until the end, each player fought until the last minute. We didn’t have three very important players and obstacles emerged during the definition. We played to the limit, always fighting. We got very far," he said.

Alex can’t stop thinking that the outcome might have been another for Baurú, if the team could have played all its figures.

“The absence of Rafael Hettsheimeir and Paulinho, plus the later injury of Ricardo, gave us a tough challenge for the Final and that definitely had an impact for our defeat. We had to resort to the younger players and they helped us with everything they could, but we could not leave the responsibility of the game in their hands. I was certain that, if we had the entire team, the story at the end would be totally different," said Alex.

Unable to count with two natural guard, coach Demetrius had to rely on the experienced Alex, who agreed that the task was not unknown to him.

"I had fulfilled that role before and I can help the team in that. I had to organize the team and make everyone play. Not what I usually do, but I could adapt well to the task," Alex said.

Now the goal for Baurú is their National League, where they are currently second, behind leader, Flamengo. Bauru will have to qualify for the finals if they want to return to the 2017 Liga de las Americas.

The MVP of the 2016 edition of the LDA reaffirmed that "we now have the NBB, which is a big goal we have. Let's go after her. The ambition to be champions is on the minds of everyone on the team and we have to work hard for that. That way, if we walk well, we will again play the Liga de las Americas, which is what we want for next year."



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